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The easiest way is to email us on;

In your email let us know the key details;
- your preferred dates,
- your preferred cottages,
- the make up of your group, including pets
- any other relevant factors

It's better to come direct;

  • Lower prices, no middle men
  • Better avaialbility
  • More flexibility on booking requests
  • Prompt and accurate feedback to queries
  • Last minute and late availability
  • Special deals

Contact us on;
BCholidaycottages@gmail.com07368 577232

Availability Update (Jan 2024);

Plenty of availability across the cottages in the summer.

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Cancellation guidelines·      
A 50% deposit is required to fully secure your booking. This is deemed a non refundable deposit. But, in a cancellation scenario, we will do what we can to recover the funds for you.

Obviously the specifics vary hugely, including the amount of advance warning given, the duration of the booking, the specific circumstances related to the cancellation and even availability of insurance cover.

In general
Non Covid cancellation
- If we can resell your dates we can refund this amount or offer this as contribution towards alternative dates. For a summer booking with over 1 month's notice we would expect to be able to resell the dates. 1 week notice is not enough.

Covid cancellation
- If it's illegal for you to come to Wales on your dates, then we will initially offer vouchers for a later date (within the year ahead).  Many of our guests who could not come in 2020 had the first option on the 2021 bookings.
- If it's illegal for you to come to Wales but still okay for other guests (Eg guests from Wales) then we will try and resell the dates as above and give you the option of refund or priority.